Nant y Crabbas Cattery Denbigh, North Wales
Nant y Crabbas Cattery      Denbigh, North Wales

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions that are asked frequently which you may find useful before contacting us.

What do I need to bring in for my cat?


A secure cat carrier (we can store these for you on-site)

A bed or blanket with homely scent

Any prescription food or medication

An up-to-date vaccination card (photocopy preferred)


My cat is an indoor cat - is Nant y Crabbas Cattery suitable for him/her? 


Yes - we have many indoor cats who stay with us and who are happy and settle quickly in the cattery. The thermostatically controlled indoor section ensures that your beloved fur baby can stay as warm as they are used to at home whilst the outdoor area provides an added option should they wish to explore further. 

My cat is an outdoor cat - is Nant y Crabbas Cattery suitable for him/her?  


Yes - our outdoor space overlooking beautiful and tranquil gardens allows guests to watch rabbits, birds, and insects to stimulate their interests.

My cat has never used cat litter before. How will they cope? 


Based on our experience of caring for outdoor cats who toilet outside we have found that they adapt very quickly to using the cat litter. 

I have never used a Cattery before and not sure if my cats will settle.


We have a high number of customers using our Cattery for the first time - from small kittens to elderly cats and all usually settle very well with the correct care and attention. 


We also have a high level of returning customers, and are frequently recommended from local Veterinary Practices and ‘Word-of-mouth’ recommendations. 


We are also very proud of frequently receiving 5* ratings from our customers and always aim for high level of care.

I am anxious about leaving my cat as I have never done this before. I can’t bear the thought of him/ her not settling and not knowing if they’ll be OK. 


We ask that you give us as much information as possible about your fur baby so we have the best knowledge to help your cat settle with us. We give an individual approach to each individual cat as each one is different. It is really useful if owners bring their own bed or blanket to provide reassurance to the cat and make them feel secure. 


We we are more than happy to keep you updated by Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp as often as you need. The more information we have about your cat’s likes and dislikes, the easier it will be for us to make sure that they feel at home. 


It is also useful if you have your cat familiarise themselves with a cat carrier - this will make the process easier and reduce stress for your beloved cat when transporting. 

My cat is a rescue and is very anxious of other people - how will they settle at Nant y Crabbas Cattery?


We have looked after many rescue cats and the care we provide is based on their personality and preferences. With particularly anxious cats we provide an individualised approach and with slow, steady steps they will settle and trust us. This is very rewarding for us and can take a few days to gain our anxious guests trust. 


After the first initial booking, we have seen when an anxious cat returns to us at a later booking they are much happier and settle a lot quicker. 

My cat is used to a particular type of cat litter. What litter do you use?


We use wood-based litter and many cats adapt easily to this even if they are used to a different litter, or used to only going outside. 


However, some cats have a strong preference for a particular litter type we can accommodate this with no problem.

I am worried my cat will be on their own and will be home-sick. How can i be reassured they will settle?


We are cat lovers ourselves and spent a lot of time sitting, playing, and chatting with our beloved guests to help them settle. For kittens especially it is important to have plenty of play time for their development.


For our elderly guests we have a radio available for background noise if your furr baby finds this comforting, however if they orefer relaxing time alone then we will adhere to this. 


We can keep in touch with our guests owners with regular updates including photos and videos, please contact us on our Facebook page or Whatsapp ( for us to do this. 

Nant y Crabbas Cattery

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