Nant y Crabbas Cattery Denbigh, North Wales
Nant y Crabbas Cattery      Denbigh, North Wales

Terms & Conditions

Please familiarise yourself with the following Terms & Conditions BEFORE bringing your cat for boarding at Nant y Crabbas Cattery.




A full day’s board is charged for the day of arrival & departure


Cost per DAY for 1 cat: £10


Cost per DAY for 2 cats: £15


Cost per DAY for 3 cats: £20


Cost per DAY for 4 cats: £25 (Spacious Chalet)


Please contact us if you have 5+ cats from the same household.


This tariff applies to cats of the same household staying within the same pen.


Our fees are all-inclusive of quality food, bedding, various cat litter, heating, air-conditioning, and insurance.  


We charge an additional £10 for Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Years Day.


We provide all cats our standard diet of Felix, Whiskas or Sheba pouches of all ages and Go-Cat or Iams biscuits. If your cat(s) requires prescription food please bring a sufficient amount for their stay. No discount given to owners bringing their own cat food.


A full day’s board is charged for the day of arrival & departure as the chalet must be cleaned, disinfected, & prepared for the next occupant. 


Please be be aware that if making a booking for the following year, the boarding rate may have increased from the time of booking to when you board as prices are reviewed each year. 


Payment Methods


We are happy to accept the payment in the form of: 


Cash, Cheque, or Direct Bank Transfer.


In the event of the owner returning before the end of the period of booking, the full period is charged.


If a definite booking is made but your cat never arrives & no notice or cancellation is given, you are liable for payment for the full booked period. 


Payment of boarding should be made at the time of collection, apart from long-term boarding where arrangements are made for the account to be settled monthly. 


Cats cannot be released until full payment is received. 


Check in & Check out


Opening hours: 


Mon-Fri: 9am-11am & 4pm-6pm


Saturday: 9am-11am ONLY. Afternoon closed.


Sunday: CLOSED


We are open as normal on Bank Holidays. 


We are closed for collection on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, & New Years Day. We are open only in the morning on New Years Eve.


All cats must have a secure cat carrier for arrival and departure which can be stored on our premises.


Health & Vaccination Requirements 


All cats need to be fully vaccinated upon arrival with evidence of vet booklet. We require all cats to have the Nobivac® Tricat Trio vaccine or equivalent. 


Cats will NOT be accepted for boarding without their current vaccination card.


Owners must inform Nant y Crabbas Cattery at the time of booking or arrival of any medication history. 


Please ensure your cat(s) is up to date with treatment for both fleas & worms before arrival of their stay. Should any cat require treatment during their stay the cost of treatment will be charged to the owner. Please note that flea collars are not considered adequate protection.


Any male cat over the age of 5 months must be neutered.


We are happy to provide insulin injections, tablets in food, and eye drops etc free of charge. Please provide full details of your cats medications on arrival. We also have a designated fridge to store medication.


We reserve the right to refuse admission of any cat showing signs of illness pending Veterinary advice or any long-haired cat that the management considers to have an excessively matted coat.


The grooming of cats will be carried out as necessary & it is appreciated if owners provide  their own grooming equipment for boarding. However, Nant y Crabbas Cattery will not be responsible for grooming any cat that shows signs of distress or risks causing harm to staff whilst being groomed. 


Should your cat(s) require Veterinary assistance such as injection boosters or check-up during their stay with us we would be happy to do so. We charge £1 per mile to the Veterinary clinic plus £10 for this service. This must be booked in advance and full details must be given of the appointment, with the treatment being pre-paid by the cat(s) owner.




We encourage our customers to come to visit Nant y Crabbas Cattery if their cat is staying with us for the first time. Please contact us to arrange an appointment within our opening hours.


POLITE NOTICE: Strictly only 2 visitors (including children) to drop-off and pick-up their cat(s) please. This is to minimise disruption of the care given to our guests. 


Deposit & Cancellation Policy


We require no deposit of bookings & there is no charge for cancellation of bookings. We would appreciate it if you could inform us in advance if these arrangements need to be changed.


Collection & Delivery Service


The weekday collection & delivery times are normally within the time windows of: 11am - 1pm or 2-3pm which is subject to availability. We charge £1 per mile for collection and return with a minimum charge of £5.


Collection & delivery service is NOT available on Sundays.


The comfort and safety of your pet is our priority at all times. We arrive in an unmarked car which is insured for transport of cat guests. 




We are happy to discuss administering any medication for your cat which has been prescribed by a vet. We have a dedicated fridge available within the cattery to store medication. This service is free of charge. 


We cannot be held responsible for administration of any cat proving difficult or if the cat risks causing harm to staff whilst medication is administered. 


Owners must inform us of any medical history which may affect the cats stay at the cattery, including any pre-existing or recurring medical conditions.


Public & Bank Holidays


We are open as normal for all Bank Holidays. We charge an additional £10 for Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Years Day.


How we use your information


The information given from yourselves will be used to process your enquiry. Personal data will only be used for general and emergency purposes and will not be shared with any other third party. We do not use your information to inform or send you promotional emails or any form of marketing.


License & Insurance 


Nant y Crabbas Cattery is insured by Cliverton Insurance. Full details of cover are available on request.


Licensed with Denbighshire County Council.




Cats are boarded at the sole risk of their owners. I agree that in the case of illness or suspected illness a Veterinary Surgeon will be consulted and if necessary, called in to carry out such treatment as they consider advisable at the cat owner’s expense. Whilst every care and precautions are taken, responsibility can only be accepted at cat owners risk.

Nant y Crabbas Cattery

Plas Chambres Road


LL16 5UP

01745 730416



TEXT ONLY: 07802487257



Opening Hours:

Mon to Fri:

9am - 11am

4pm - 6pm



9am - 11am

Afternoon closed. 




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